• Do not blow leaves and grass into storm drains or ditches
  • Keep pets away from waterside areas
  • When walking pets, clean up after them
  • Properly maintain septic systems
  • Report any unauthorized dumping or pollution
  • Participate in our special events and programs
  • Educate our youth

Business Owners

  • Recycle oil and grease; do not pour oil and grease into sinks, drains or onto streets and parking areas
  • Properly dispose of contaminated water and chemicals
  • Keep toxic materials contained and stored properly
  • Keep dumpsters closed and make sure they are clean and not leaking
  • Become a program partner


  • Implement measures for erosion control to help prevent and alleviate stormwater runoff
  • Clean up daily by sweeping and cleaning sites to prevent soils and other debris from being tracked onto roadways
  • Locate construction sites away from water bodies, downward sloping driveways, and streets
  • Revegetate as soon as possible to help control erosion
  • Limit the amount of disturbed area at any one time to help control erosion

If you are interested in learning more about a listed program or want to volunteer in a program, please contact the Code Enforcement department.

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